Thank you for choosing our Company. GCE Global is a merchant trading firm and a private investment company that invest with his strategic partners in private securities and assets in a broad range of areas. GCE also provides a variety of consulting and introductory services for the specific needs of our clients worldwide and in different business sectors.

Our extensive global network of contacts allows us access to unique investment opportunities and to connect suppliers and producers with buyers and end users of commodities. Through its subsidiaries and partners, GCE operates worldwide as a commodity service and solutions provider for the global energy and agricultural markets.

Our Company excels in strategic sourcing, business development and business creation. We identify promising products and opportunities, we develop new markets and we organize appropriate structures, collaborations & partnerships for long term business operations.

Our Company currently focused on these industries where we have core expertise, market knowledge and future growth opportunity:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Physical Commodity Trading
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Private Funding and Private Equity
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Renewable Energy